MONDAY, 23/09/2019 – TU DRESDEN

10:00 am: Formal welcome to the Henry Arnhold Dresden Summer School 2019
Prof. Dr Hans Vorländer, Director of the Summer School
Jonas Wietelmann, Coordinator of the Summer School
SLUB, Klemperer-Saal

10:30 am: Participant introductions

1:00 pm: Lunch break
Canteen ‘Mensa Siedepunkt’

2:00 pm: Presentation of the institutions

6:30 pm: Official opening
Welcome speech
Dirk Burghardt
Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
Commercial Director

Prof. Dr Hans Vorländer

‘The authority of truth and the truth of authorities’
Prof. Dr Philipp Hübl, philosopher and author, Berlin

‘Museums are political entities – On changes in the self-image of public sector cultural institutions’
Dr Ulrike Lorenz, President of Klassik Stiftung Weimar

Panel discussion
Prof. Dr Philipp Hübl, Dr Ulrike Lorenz, Christiane Mennicke-Schwarz (Artistic Director of Kunsthaus Dresden), Prof. Dr Hans Vorländer

Followed by a reception

Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
Residenzschloss, Fürstengalerie

TUESDAY, 24/09/2019 – TU DRESDEN

10:00 am: Workshop
Museums’ power of interpretation in the post-factual era.
Conflicts, positions, perspectives
Dr Joachim Baur, Die Exponauten, Berlin
SLUB, Klemperer-Saal

12:30 pm: Lunch break
Canteen ‘Mensa Siedepunkt’

1:30 pm: Workshop continued

7:00 pm: Optional attendance at the public debate at DHMD
Theory to practice: ‘Machiavelli or: is politics amoral?’
Prof. Dr Philipp Felsch, Cultural History, Humboldt University Berlin
Prof. Dr em. Herfried Münkler, Political Science, Humboldt University Berlin

WEDNESDAY, 25/09/2019 – SKD

9:30 am:  Workshop
Colonial objects – Contemporary actions
Léontine Meijer-van Mensch, Director, Museums of Ethnology Leipzig, Dresden and Herrnhut
Museum für Völkerkunde, A. B. Meyer-Bau, Dresden-Klotzsche

10:30 am: Coffee break

11:00 am: Workshop continued

1:30 pm: Lunch

2:00 pm: Workshop
‘Dresdner Bilderstreit’ (iconoclastic controversy) – Art from the GDR
Hilke Wagner, Director of the Albertinum museum
Astrid Nielsen, Restorer at the Albertinum museum
Albertinum, Hermann-Glöckner-Raum

7:00 pm: Public evening event
Back to the future. On restitution of African cultural heritage
Prof. Dr Bénédicte Savoy, Art History, TU Berlin & Collège de France, Paris
Albertinum, Lichthof

THURSDAY, 26/09/2019 – DHMD

9:30 am: Guided tour of the permanent exhibition ‘The Human Adventure’
Dr Carola Rupprecht, Head of Education and Didactics, DHMD
Dr Christoph Willmitzer, Lead Project Curator for redesigning the ‘Sexuality’ room in the permanent exhibition, DHMD

10:30 am: Coffee break

11:00 am: Workshop
Collecting and exhibiting sexualities. The many truths in objects
Part I: ‘Collecting sexualities’
Susanne Roeßiger,
Head of the Collection and Research Project ‘Objects and sexuality. Production and consumption in the 20th and 21st century’, DHMD
Dr Christoph Willmitzer,
Lead Project Curator for redesigning the ‘Sexuality’ room in the permanent exhibition, DHMD
Teresa Tammer,
Research Associate in the ‘Objects and sexuality’ research project, DHMD
Katja Töpfer,
Museologist in the ‘Objects and sexuality’ research project, DHMD
Anina Falasca,
Research and Curatorial Project Associate for redesigning room 4 ‘Sexuality’ in the permanent exhibition, DHMD

Seminarraum DHMD

1:00 pm: Lunch
Restaurant Lingner

2:00 pm: Continuation
Part II: ‘Exhibiting sexualities’
Seminarraum DHMD

3:30 pm: Coffee break

4:30 pm: End

5:00 pm: Trip on the DRESDEN-concept Science Tram
- 6.30 pm (with the ‘Voice Interaction and Voice Assistants’ Summer School)
Straßburger Platz tram stop

FRIDAY, 27/09/2019 – EXCURSION

9:00 am:  Departure to Chemnitz

10:00 am: Spinnerei e.V.
Chemnitz art and culture association
Benjamin Gruner

11:30 am: Chemnitz Open Space
Lunch (catered) and discussion with all participants

1:00 pm: Klub Solitaer
Cultural association
Mandy Knospe / Beate Dietrich / Robert Verch
Guided tour of the Sonnenberg neighbourhood
Lokomov, KOMPLEX, Galerie Hinten
Sebastian Jung exhibition

6:00 pm: Klub Solitaer pub

9:00 pm: Return to Dresden


4:30 pm: Workshop
- 6:00 pm: Concept of Bürgerbühne (civic theatre) & and the political self-image of the Staatsschauspiel theatre company
Christiane Lehmann, Production Manager at Bürgerbühne, Staatsschauspiel
Kleines Haus, Mitte

6:00 pm: Dinner
Bistro Klara

7:30 pm: Public performance by Bürgerbühne
‘Früher war alles…’ (Everything used to be...)
Kleines Haus 1

9:25 pm: Follow-up discussion with the actors

SUNDAY, 29/09/2019 – FREE DAY

MONDAY, 30/09/2019 – MHM

10:00 am: Welcome
Guided tour of the permanent exhibition
Lieutenant Colonel Peter Haug, MHM
Avgi Stilidis, MHM

11:00 am: Workshop
The curator’s power of interpretation–
How to make an exhibition on 20 July 1944
Dr Magnus Pahl, Curator, MHM

12:30 pm: Lunch
Restaurant zeitlos

1:30 pm: Lecture and discussion
Resistance and the power of interpretation – On the perception of 20 July 1944
Prof. Dr Winfried Heinemann, Honorary Professor for Contemporary History, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg

TUESDAY, 01/10/2019 – SLUB

10:00 am: Welcome
Dr Achim Bonte, Director General

10:30 am: Keynotes
Open Science at SLUB: Strategy and services
Heike Marschner, Architecture and Civic Engineering sections, SLUB
Marcel Erfurth, Open Science section, SLUB

12:30 pm: Lunch break
Canteen ‘Mensa Siedepunkt’

1:30 pm: Workshop
Facts and fake science
Peter Hornung, editor and reporter, NDR

Please bring your own laptop/tablet


09:30 am: Summary/preparation of the director café
Poss. with colleagues from the institutions
SLUB, Makerspace 2

12:30 pm: Lunch break
Canteen ‘Mensa Siedepunkt’

4:00 pm: Directors’ Café/Final colloquium
Restaurant Elements

6:30 pm: Dinner/Close
Restaurant Elements